Pink Sunshine Trading (Pty) Ltd

Pink Sunshine Trading (Pty)Ltd. Is a 100% BEE , 60% BWO company based in Mpumalanga Province and North West Province in South Africa, we provide quality products and services for the underground mining sector. Our range of products include roof safety nets which are manufactured in Cape Town by our partner company Norsenet, these nets – hooks – tensioners are constructed using high standards and go through extensive testing to ensure maximum safety.

We always strive to offer environmentally friendly solutions to the industry, that is why our mine marking spray is lead-free and non-flammable. Besides social responsibility it’s the way industries are heading “ Environmental Awareness”

  • Vision

    Pink Sunshine Trading Pty Ltd vision is to create a leading, sustainable, innovative and value-driven trading company

  • Mission

    We recognise our mission as an emerging enterprise to create value for:
    · our clients by realising a superior return on their investment
    · our employees by engaging with a sense of purpose and pride
    · our clients by realising a superior return on their investment
    · our employees by engaging with a sense of purpose and pride
    · the communities in which we operate by their valuing our citizenship
    · the natural environment around us by its being protected and sustained

  • Our Values

    We act in all our endeavours within an ethical, open and honest framework. Acting with integrity is the basis for respectful relationships, positive motivation and the creation of competitive and productive outcomes.

  • Our Plan

    Sustainability is not just an end goal for Pink Sunshine Pty Ltd it is part of our commitment to our clients and employees, to continuously improve.

  • Our Pledge

    Prioritizing – We are constantly reviewing our progress and will be developing short-term and long-term goals to implement and improve the sustainability of our manufacturing processes, product, offerings and community contributions.

    Evaluating – By constantly evaluating factors such health and safety in the market place, as well as introducing energy sufficient solutions, recycling program and green products to the market place, we are setting targets to improve and are empowering our employees to achieve these targets.

    Performing – We will continue to evaluate our performance and trends regularly in order to confirm our progress and identify additional areas for improvement, to manufacture or produce products locally for our clients.

  • Women & Children Empowerment & CSI

    Pink Sunshine, is a 100% Women Empowered business and strive to help our talented local female leaders obtain and build successful careers within our company. We encourage female employees to participate in leadership developmental program, which provides mentoring assistance, networking opportunities and professional development workshops. We also contribute time and effort in the foundational years of the children of our nation.

Social Responsibility

Our Team